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Sarala Gandhi
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Welcome to this great world of misery or mystery .
your search for truth has begun .
That is why you are reading this .

Search for truth begins in the life at some stage .When you suffer agony ,may be physical or mental ,you think , there is more to life than this misery . You may feel emptiness and your search begins .You may be attracted to spirituality .

For some lucky ones it may be a sudden transformation .Just something clicked .All their sorrow gone ,now only smiles on their faces.For others , it is a long journey. Seeking new path ,understanding new theories .Learning to uncondition what is conditioned is very difficult .But still you enjoy the journey as it takes you nearer to the real you .

Reading books may help or you may get more confused.It is not bookish knowledge that you need to learn .The art of living is an art . You have to practice it .First you have to learn the basics from books or guru ,then practice. If possible join Sri Ravi shanker's Art of living classes .It is a compact course .you feel relaxation immediately .you have to pracice everyday.

All the gurus say one thing . That is live in present . Past is history ,future is mystery , do not worry about them . Just live in the present moment.  just be. Just aware of your feelings . Through awareness you will witness . They say the witness is the self . We usually identify with the body or mind or intellect . We have to learn to identify with the soul .

 For  this you  need a technic . You have to learn meditation ; any type will do; learn from guru if possible. Read about vipasana on the net .

Slowly you start gaining acces to cosmic energy. You stop crying. You stop begging. You can become a creator as you are the part of creator. Nothing is impossible for you .

First you must purify your heart with love and kindness. Meditation is the last step in spirituality.

about me

I am a science graduate. I have worked as a maths teacher for many years. I love teaching and children. I enjoyed teaching in schools(st.xavier's Bokaro ,D.A.V.J.V.M Ranchi ,TIMPANY ,Siva sivani Vizag). Now I am fifty years old. As I am attracted to spirituality , I want to share my experiences. Articles ,poems, haiku are my own creations. They  are results of my new experiences. The collection is what I found interesting while reading. Begginers on this path may find these helpful. To find more about my family , visit my husband's website L.V.Gandhi´s pages.
Please get in touch with me for any comments or reactions to my site.